Book Corner 2021.8

by Allie Brosh

Very difficult to describe Allie Brosh if you’ve never seen her work. Take a look at the cover… that’s her, the star of the show.

I’ll open up to a random-to-me page, the exact middle of the book. It’s a series of panels depicting her and her little sister during memorable childhood moments. No text. Allie’s sister ended up dying by violent suicide, so it’s heavy. That, plus some serious health problems or her own, plus a divorce leaving her living a very reclusive life, plus her basic sad nihilism, form the basis of the (lack of) story.

I feel I’m not doing a very good job of talking it up. It’s an amazing piece of work. (  )

One thought on “Book Corner 2021.8

  1. ooh. I was going to get this for Chuck and Mer for Christmas, but they got it for themselves prior to the holidays. We have all read Hyperbole and a Half. I was following Allie on Facebook recently (a few months ago?), but her depression was difficult to be witness to every day. Do you own this book?


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