V-Day Planning

I realize that the day I get my vaccine is a long, long way off. I get that.

I realize that just because one gets a vaccine doesn’t mean that a damn thing is going to change, because apparently, you still aren’t allowed to do a damn thing that you couldn’t do before, so just stop before you even start with the doomphasis (my own coinage).

But because I am basically at the bottom of the list – I mean literally, I am probably the absolutely positively last person on the list – let’s see, Tytania Incognito (flips to the very very last page, drags finger down to the very very bottom) – oh yes. (Rummages at the bottom of the bin, looking for that very, very last syringe.) I know it’s here somewhere – ah!

As I was saying, because I am literally going to be last in line, that means that by the time they get to me, herd immunity will either be achieved; or they will have a much better idea of how contagious vaccinated people are or aren’t. I will know what I am “allowed” to do, and I’ll be allowed to do something. For pete’s sake, I’m going to at least get a haircut & an eyebrow wax (hallelujah).

And so hey, because it is such a long, long way off, it is a perfect vehicle for dreaming. More to come.

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