Ta Da

I (and each of my teammates) won an award at work, because things went south in August and we all worked so hard to make them right. I searched the website and actually could not find a kitchen gadget I wanted. This bag caught my eye though, for the color, obviously. It’s called “arugula.” I’ve never owned such a chichi bag in my life. It actually came with another bag to keep the bag in. I look forward to sporting it at Hannaford’s.

I had off today. Xopher did not. The guy doing the trim on the never-ending window replacement did not. So I could not sleep late and I could not go anywhere with my S.O. I passed the morning making a mini pumpkin chocolate chip bread, carding some ruby-amethyst mohair, doing a bit of an easy 16×16 sudoku, raking out the barn a bit. After lunch I took a bike to town hall to drop off our ballots! Then I went to Phoenix Books to slake my never-ending bookthirst, and then took a scenic drive to capture a couple of more Vermont towns for my VT251 club project. Was an OK day.

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