The Sultan of (Mood) Swing

My endorphins for some reason are on the rise.

Below is my new office window, twice the size as it was before; and my new Verilux, which is a SAD*-alleviating light source put out by a company in Waitsfield VT. My neurologist recommended it. So far it’s 100% effective!

And OMG just look at the pretty fall picture outside those windows. I like to think of my widows as picture frames. Lots of people would pay money for pictures like that.

* Seasonal Affective Disorder

One thought on “The Sultan of (Mood) Swing

  1. I used to have a Verilux light. It was a floor-lamp for craft/reading. I even replaced the bulb once after MXB knocked it to the ground. The only thing I didn’t like was that it was at a weird height – not always appropriate for the chair it was next to. You might even remember it from knit nights. I loved the idea that it was made in VT.


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