Merino Silk

Merino/Silk roving I bought a few weeks ago during an outing we took to Waitsfield. Mad River Fiber Arts & Mill, think I mentioned it before. I finally dyed it today.

I’ve been having headaches and depression and sometime insomnia, though thankfully those nights are few & far between. But the headaches just come and go. And for the past few days, the depression has sometimes weighed on my head seemingly physically. I might be ill.

And today’s our first full day of Staycation. I’ve never been so depressed going into a time off. It’s sunny out but deceptively so; it’s cold, too cold for outdoor dining. My upcoming wintertime semi-quarantine isolation is scaring me.

I pull it together because you have to do something. You can’t stare at the wall and drool. Though sometimes I’ve wanted to, sometimes it’s that bad.

But I took trash around. I helped X trim some goat hooves. We went out together to buy useless, pretty gourds and pumpkins. We bought bagels and sat on some warm grass to eat them. He bought things he needed to repair the ever-breaking-down infrastructure around here. I put a pie pumpkin in the oven. I dyed this merino/silk (it really took hardly any time at all). I chose 1/2 teaspoon of amethyst plus 1/16 teaspoon of green, thinking that would both dull it a tiny bit and pull it a tiny bit towards the blue end of the spectrum. Probably should have gone with 1/8. I don’t really like candy-kindergarten colors, I like some subtlety. But purple almost always gets a pass. My plan is to spin it loose and as bulky as I can, which isn’t very; then make a winter hat.

3 thoughts on “Merino Silk

  1. I’m so very sorry to hear about your depression. And headaches. I wish I could help, but I can’t think of a damn thing to do. I, too, have had headaches that come and go the past 3 days – I thought maybe it was a reaction to some autumnal spores or pollen or politics. And the headaches aren’t severe, just annoying.
    Have you spun merino wool before? I did just recently and probably will avoid it in the future. It didn’t pull out as easily as, say, mohair, or whatever else I have spun (Corriedale maybe?). It seemed stickier.
    We are heading to our ocean getaway on Monday. The day we return we will have my family (Io!) visiting again, so don’t know when I’ll be physically around, but I’m just an email away. It’s possible that texts aren’t reliable oceanside, but I do remember that we have at least a slow internet connection.


    1. It’s comforting to hear you are having the headache syndrome too, because it makes me feel like it could be ‘something in the air’ that will be gone soon. Let’s keep in touch. It doesn’t matter what stupid thing we talk about, any distraction is healthy.


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