Jewel Tones Part Roman Numeral Three


And here are the batts being semi-blended.  Thanx @sarajane0714 for the compliments on the green.  It may be getting a little bit lost among the dominant amethyst & garnet.  Of course it’s not coming out anything like I first pictured.  And of course, I only had the 18 colors I made this year to choose from.  That’s a severely limited palette.  In one of Deb Menz’ color in spinning workshops, which are the inspiration for all that I do in this domain, she brought in 84 (!) different colors of Merino roving.  We all marveled at the choices before us.  And she said, “It won’t be enough.”  We looked at her like we must have misheard.  “It won’t be enough,” she repeated.  “You’ll see.”  Doggone it, she was right, it wasn’t enough.  We all had to blend further to get exactly what we wanted.  I’ve always had this little fantasy of someday having in my little “studio” 84 different colors of roving.  The things I could do!  After first blending some of them all into what I REALLY wanted, of course.


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