Book Corner 2020.11


Hate, Inc. by Matt Taibbi

This is one of those rare books that changes my thinking, and for more than just the length of time it takes to read.

The title and the cover are unfortunate, and not because Rachel Maddow is shown (Taibbi feels he needs an entire appendix to justify why). “HATE, INC.” and a picture of two political talk show hosts, angry mouths agape, makes it sound like one of those “why we’re polarized” books. But it’s not about why we’re polarized, although some theories are obvious by book’s end; it’s about the media.

The main point is this, caps his: THE NEWS IS A CONSUMER PRODUCT.

Other important points:

[THE MEDIA] ARE NOT INFORMING YOU. [THEY] CAN’T, ACTUALLY because the world is COMPLEX, and the news by definition is, like, everything in the world.

Highly recommended.  ( )

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