Day 6: Montserrat!


Enough with the beach shots; here’s something completely different.

The real impetus for this whole trip was to go somewhere a) warm b) quickly and c) preferably with a volcano.  Hence destination Montserrat, which had an eruption in the 1990s.  You get to Montserrat from Antigua, hence Antigua.

So, day trip to Montserrat.  Unlike Barbuda, Montserrat is a whole other country from Antigua.  It’s part of the UK, whereas Antigua is independent.  So there was check-in, customs, immigration, and embarkation fees.  In both directions.  On both sides.  That took up half the day.

We had a tour guide in Montserrat, because among other things that buys you a permit to actually tour the former capital of Plymouth, buried by the volcano, abandoned, and now overgrown.  We got to walk all over the ex-town and look at the ruins.  Hence the toilet shot above.

Montserrat’s other claim to fame is Air Studios, a recording studio founded by Sir George Martin (the Beatles’ George Martin) and birthplace of some famous 80s albums like Dire Straits’ Brothers in Arms and some Police albums.  The studio’s abandoned but we did stop at a café which is kind of a little shrine to Air Studios memorabilia.

Well worth the trip.  A very lovely and peaceful place.

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