Book Corner 2019.48


Devoured by Sophie Egan

A book of essays and small bites about how “we” eat in this culture and time. “We” here is really millennial office workers, I’m afraid, and that’s the biggest downside to the book. Sophie Egan is a millennial San Franciscan, and she writes about the culture she knows. It was still fun; lots of the observations are universal. I am amazed to learn that Carl Jr.’s pop-tart ice cream sandwich actually has fewer calories than other items on its dessert menu; or should I say, the disaster that must be Carl Jr.’s dessert menu has many items with more calories than a freaking pop-tart ice cream sandwich.

Egan is at her best clueing us into fun trivial like the above. But she should have gotten out of her milieu a bit and researched eating habits among even slightly older people or people in circumstances other than that of a freelancing writer or tech startup minion. ( )


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