Book Corner 2019.44


Maine to Greenland  by a couple of dudes

OK, I skimmed some parts. But it’s mostly a photography book and I read all the photo captions. I read the chapters on Maine, Newfoundland, and southern Greenland with particular interest. I was disappointed there was nothing at all on New Brunswick or Nova Scotia – the title led me to believe we’d be visiting all the maritime provinces. I’m just back from Maine and I’ve been to southern Greenland – these pictures actually do it justice, and take me back to all the beautiful sites we visited. Newfoundland has been on my short list, now more than ever after reading about and seeing the pictures here of L’Anse aux Meadows. It’s a big, lovely part of the world, the “Maritime Far Northeast.” Note that you will learn more here than you’ve ever heard in your life about the indigenous people of the Arctic and sub-Arctic – Innuit, Innu, Pre-Dorset, Thule, etc. Climate change also plays a starring role in the text. But the photographs are the stars. ( )


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