Maine 2019 Day 9: The Mistake

This is the day where I, Tytania, city girl who DOES NOT LIKE CLIMBING MOUNTAINS, found myself hiking up to THE highest point in Acadia National Park via THE most difficult trail.

We had taken a nice little walk to a place called Bubble Pond.  Then X looked at the map, pointed to something called Cadillac Mountain, and said, “This would be the most direct route back.  It will be steep, but short.”

I distinctly remember asking, “Do you think I could do it?” and he said “Yes.”  (I also asked “Do you think I’ll bitch & moan?” and he said yes to that too.)

It was crazy.  I’m not the only one.  A girl passing us by on the trail said, “Boy, this trail is crazy.”  See?  It was freaking HARD.  I was expecting a steep walk, like, on a TRAIL.  This was rocks, hoisting yourself up rocks, inching your way across rocks with barely perceptible footholds & handholds… I kept thinking, “This isn’t even a THING.”

Oh blissful moment when we discovered on the map that there was going to be a ROAD with motor vehicles at the top of the mountain.  The possibility of buses!  Hell, I’d hitchhike back down.  Turned out no public buses, but a much easier trail to get down; and then a bus to get back to the motel.

Then to Bar Harbor and this – sauvignon blanc and lobster gnocchi.  All’s well that ends this way, that’s for sure.


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