Maine 2019 Day 7: Maritime Museum & Bath


Spent hours at the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath.  It included a little cruise on the Kennebec River for a close-up view of the Bath Iron Works, a working shipyard.  We are crazy about viewing any kind of manufacturing.  Shown above is just a little something they’ve been working on.

I loved hanging around Bath.  They are the home of Halcyon Yarn; it was actually open and I browsed, but was too overwhelmed to buy anything.  Also in Bath and open for business was Now You’re Cooking catering to another of my weaknesses, Kitchen Crap.  (X and I always exclaim “Kitchen Crap!” whenever we are in a new town and spot a kitchen crap store.)  They had a pierogy-making class scheduled that night (fully booked, alas).  Other cute shops, and finally, the lovely Bath Brewing Company where we had a flight.

We went to Boothbay Harbor just to visit another coastal town, and to track down another brew spot, but they turned out to be closed.  Boothbay is not somewhere to which we’d return.  We had a nice dinner in a tavern, but it was the most Tourist Central place we found on the whole trip, much worse than Bar Harbor (except maybe when the cruise ships come in).

1 brewpub and no biking on this day.  Totals:

Miles biked: 44

Brews: 15

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