Stitch Fix Fall 2019: Item 5 of 5

And finally, gray coat.  This actually fills a niche for me; I need a coat of this weight in this color scheme.  The one I have already is camel brown, which I don’t feel goes with everything.

Everything is machine washable.

Everything save the gray coat is under $100.

I’m thinking everything.

One thought on “Stitch Fix Fall 2019: Item 5 of 5

  1. I like them all very much except for number 1. I would like to knit that pattern. It would great FUN to knit. But I don’t think you’ll ever wear that. It doesn’t make you look younger. It looks too long. However, it if costs just as much to return it, then keep it and prove me wrong. Wear it every day of the week! See – you just texted me and warned me that returning one item would not be worth it. I knew it. But I’ll leave this comment as is.


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