Thoughts About Parallel Lives & Second-Guessing


Second-guessing and doubt and guilt arise when you think, “I shoulda” or “I shouldn’ta”.

Shoulda shoulda shoulda…

Shoulda done this instead of that.

Shoulda gone somewhere else.

Shoulda stayed home.

Shoulda done something productive.

But if you think of the gazillion parallel lives that branch out from every moment…  your path forward is like a set of dominoes falling straight ahead.  But from either side of you, at every moment, you flip another domino, and another series of dominoes falls off to the side.

Surely of those gazillion parallel lives, some would be better, by any objective criteria, than the one you’re in.  Some would be worse.

What sense does it make to regret even one of those gazillion paths not taken?  When there are simultaneously a gazillion better paths and a gazillion worse paths?  A true infinity of a variety of paths.


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