Plum & Main


I was able to add more pix to my Vermont 251 Club project over the weekend.  This is a block in Johnson.  The white door in the red vestibule on the left used to lead to a restaurant long ago called Plum & Main.  This was when we first moved to Vermont in ’96 and bought our house in ’97.  It was so long ago we found the restaurant by consulting a paperback guidebook.

We used to go there a lot.  I’d usually get a big plate of fried clams with a baked potato (how did I use to eat so much?).  The desserts were awesome; we used to usually get a maple pecan pie that tasted like a dish of syrup-smothered pancakes.  I don’t recall sharing.  I think we used to each get our own.  How did I use to eat so much?!

Then one time I got a fish special and it tasted funny.  It came with some citrus sauce.  The taste was kind of ammonia-like, kind of grapefruit-like.  I ate most of it, thinking it was the citrus sauce I wasn’t crazy about.  Finally, though, I felt like something was wrong, and we complained about it.  The kitchen acknowledged no wrongdoing.  The fact that I’d eaten most of it did not help my case.  I think they gave us a free dessert, but we never felt the same about the place & didn’t return.  Of course, they’ve since closed.


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