Vermont 251!

I’ve joined something called the “Vermont 251 Club.”  The goal is to visit each of the 251 towns in Vermont.  There are no rules.  If you pay dues to join, you get to use their not-very-good website.  Here’s my home page.  I paid extra to buy a scrapbook.  It’s spiral bound and lined and lists every town with a quarter page or more for taking notes.  I’m printing out actual physical copies of my pictures and pasting them in.  Yeah, with glue!  I don’t know, I’m down on the entire Internet these days.  I didn’t want this silly little project to be just another collection of selfies floating around.  I wanted an artifact.  And not all the pictures are even going to be selfies.  Was a time when people just took pictures of what was around them.  I don’t have to prove to anyone I was in each town.  I know I was there and the project is my own little game.



3 thoughts on “Vermont 251!

  1. The guy who started the 251 club, Dr. Arthur Peach, was on the staff of Norwich University when my dad worked there. Different departments – my dad was a math professor, Peach was in the English department. And the 251 club was started the year I was born. Marshall was just inspired to list all the towns he has lived in in Vermont. He came up with 17.


    1. Then he must have visited almost all of ’em.

      I’ll show off my scrapbook next time we get together. I’m off to a pretty pathetic start, but we’re going to start taking more drives in the near future.

      I figured, since I memorized ’em all, I ought to visit them too. Really cement them in my mind. Then I can, I don’t know, run for governor or something, and brag about how well I know Vermont.


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