All Kinds of Everything


I did the whole tree today including the lights.  X has done the lights for two decades.  I guess he’s retired.  I did them.  They look fine.

I don’t know how to describe my mojo today.  Low mojo.  But not an existential crisis.  Just low mojo.  It’s like having a cold.

We went to Simple Roots Brewing for beer & Pie Empire Pie.  Then downtown, bought a couple of gifts.  Then dessert downtown.  Too much inedible buttercream.

I love going downtown.  We used to go nearly every weekend.   Now, there are so many other choices.  Maybe I love being downtown because I was young there?  Or because I’ll always miss an urban environment?

And so largely melancholy today… but we came home, with the tree lit up, and damn it looks nice.


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