Day 11: Porto Cervo e San Pantaleo


On day 11, there was snorkeling in Porto Cervo.  Port Cervo is where the jet set go to set their jets.  There were lots of yachts.  There were teenage/20s girls on the trip with flawless skin and bikinis that cost way too much to get wet; and two other families who didn’t talk to us.

No, it’s not exactly my scene, but Xopher had a particular aversion to the whole area, so on both our nights there, we traveled inland to spend the evening hours in more “authentic” towns.  Here are some metallic goats, chained up so they don’t roam away and chew all the scenery.  They were among the many charming aspects of San Pantaleo, an artsy spot where we art-spotted and people-watched and ate dinner both nights.


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