Book Corner 2019.22


Randomistas by Andrew Leigh

Let’s hear it for the randomized control trial!

And let’s hear it again! And again!

Page after page of brief examples and anecdotes of randomized control trials from all areas of life – medical, economic, scientific, educational, criminal, entrepreneurial, political, philanthropical… The results may surprise you! Or not! That’s what it’s all about – going in with an open mind, because we don’t know; otherwise, we wouldn’t be doing a randomized control trial.

And that’s it! ( )

Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em

Check out Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em, “a program that will recognize fiber artists for using wool from breeds on our Conservation Priority List while connecting shepherds of heritage breeds with customers.”

In other words, buy stuff from people raising rare breeds, to lend your economic support to keeping this breeds alive!

So, it’s a passport program – witness my fondness for collecting brewery passport t-shirts and snapshots for my VT 251 club page – and I’m all in.  I’ve spun my first “rare” (actually “recovering”) breed, Shetland…  I bought it as roving, and just spun it up, and it was almost too easy.