Stitch Fix Summer 2019: Item 5 of 5

Categorizable as a sundress, but not a milligram of cotton in it.  This is poly.  I would not wear it in a casual way; as the poly would make it uncomfortable during summer weather; it is too sexy for the office, and I have maybe one occasion per year where I want to be dressy outside of work, and said occasion may or may not happen on a hot summer day.  I would never wear this.  I love it.  But I would never wear it.  I already have other things I might wear on the 0.5 hot summer days per year I want to dress up.  Adieu, lovely little dress.

Stitch Fix Summer 2019: Item 4 of 5


Tee-shirt dress.  This fix, I asked for shorts, and cotton sundresses.  This material is majority but by no means entirely cotton.  It is also not a sundress.  Xopher said the pattern reminded him of Ernie, as in Ernie & Bert.  I would never wear this.  I have several times bought Stitch Fix items outside of my zone, that I strongly suspected I would never wear; told myself to stretch a little, start wearing something different.  After one time, I never wear the thing again.  So I told myself I have to learn to say no, be realistic.  So this one is going back.

Stitch Fix Spring 2019: Items 4-5 of 5


Even gorgeouser blouse, and black pants… but Sam, you made the pants too long:


They bunch up.  This style wouldn’t be easily hemmed IMHO.  These are going back.  I’ve TOLD them I’m short.  What am I going to do with a 30″ inseam?

The blouses may be a little too flimsy for late March, which is my next office visit, unfortunately.

The pants are both weird in that there’s no fly – they stretch.  Feel absolutely great on, fine at the waist – but slipping them over my butt I was scared to death I would rip them.


Stitch Fix Spring 2019: Items 1-3 of 5


Gorgeous blouse (as usual!)… Perfect pants!  Long necklace.

I don’t much like long necklaces for a variety of reasons.  For example, look how this got inadvertently draped over my tit.

And this one, all the leaves, they are going to constantly be slightly off-center.

I’m hard to please with jewelry in general.  I’m going to tell them no more jewelry (I thought I already did).

But the other two pieces are keepers.

Stitch Fix Winter 2018: Items 4-5 of 5


Black cowl neck and more new jeans (I had asked for more bottoms in this shipment – they find me such comfortable jeans).  Cowl neck is a little weird, but I know I would wear this a lot.  When I showed it off at knit knight, Anna pointed out little pulls in the fabric, and I decided I’d send it back – but it turns out, the “Buy All” discount is EXACTLY equal to its price, so I have kept it.