MLK Day 2021

First real snowfall of the season happened night before last. The above was taken yesterday morning. It’s so beautiful! I love what it does to the light coming in. (Me, having something good to say about snow? Pandemic life is getting to me.)

And today sees me doing my first attempt at cotton dyeing. My first fail was turning the stove on. I didn’t recall where in the directions they said to turn on the heat, but figured it must have been SOMEWHERE… no, apparently not, according to iLiveToDye. I am not sure if that ruined anything chemically. But this spaghetti has been sitting in the dyepot for hours now and is still white. (Not actually spaghetti.)

I’m reading a book, which I look forward to finishing & blogging soon, called Little Book of Life Skills, which inspired me in a kind of gratitude challenge that is actually (gasp) helpful to my day-to-day mood and not just a laundry list of things I really know I should feel grateful about so I can stop bitching already; nor is it just a Facebook parade of “look how great my life is!” and “I’m HAPPY, DAMMIT” not-so-cleverly disguised as a gratitude exercise.

They said to start each day thinking of 3 very specific things you’re grateful for, and one great thing that happened in the last 24 hours. They said this will be a lot better for your daily frame of mind then thinking about what you USUALLY do when you get up in the morning, which is all the crap you should really try to get done or have to get done that day. And it really is better. I’m not saying it makes me gay all day, but I’m saying it makes a good kickoff.

So they way I’ve used it, is I’ve actually tried to think of three unique things to look forward to that day. Which may not exactly be ‘gratitude,’ but what is ‘gratitude’? Are you grateful for your house, your health, etc.? Of course! So what? They said to get specific. That had me morphing the daily exercise into things to look forward to, which of course I’m grateful for.

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