Finished the Last Two Yesterday…


Finished the last two colors yesterday – a turquoise and a true green, using Greener Shades earth-friendlier dye colors.

It was hard to motivate myself to do this yesterday on such a dreary day as it was.  But I knew today would be a much brighter day, literally, and all would be well with my mood, and of course it is.  I thought we would get in some kind of bike today, but the main event turned out to be buying a bit of hay for the boys.  Hay in August is something we have never needed in 20 years of goat raising; but such a dry summer turned everything brown. and the boys looked pretty woeful stuck in their pasture.  At least on the girls’ side, we can let them out regularly to roam.

That’s all from Paradise a.k.a. Wiseacres Farm in Vermont Summer!

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